Dog on Wheels

Two dogs, Dubbin and Todd are going for a walk-before-breakfast but one of them, Dubbin, has wheels and can whirl along. The other, Todd, doesn’t have wheels; he is much smaller and struggles to keep up. To make matters worse, Todd has brought with him a very large bone which is attracting some unwelcome company.Can Dubbin, Todd and the bone get safely home? 


The illustrations are in water colour and gauche, with a grainy effect from rock salt crystals that captures the texture of pavements.

Author: Gillian McClure

Illustrations: Gillian McClure

U.K. Publisher: Troika Books, 2017

ISBN: 9781909991361


DOG ON WHEELS.  I absolutely love it, and so will my grandchildren.  It's energetic - and jubilant!  Woof!

Kevin Crossley-Holland